Motorclean is the UK’s leading integrated automotive services provider for the used car market. Tens of thousands of vehicles are prepared for the retail market every year (with every vehicle’s bodywork inspected and damages repaired), making this one of the largest SMART repair organisations.

When we developed our SMARTRE-FLEX < XTN > , the external SMART repair booth, they could see it was an opportunity for them to increase throughput and make the organisation more productive.

With limited space within their current buildings, Masterflo could offer them an unrivalled solution by utilising a comparatively small area of the acres of car parking and provide another two SMART repair bays.

One standard booth 6.8mtr x 4mtr x 2.4mtr

One commercial booth 8.8mtr x 4mtr x 3.4mtr

Conquip Engineering Group

Conquip Engineering Group is a manufacturer of construction equipment that has a long-standing partnership with Masterflo. In 2014, they purchased a bespoke built dry filter spray booth for painting their CantiDeck’s.

As Conquip has grown and expanded into other depots around the UK, we have been instructed to install similar spray booths. The most recent project in Stoke-on-Trent was a large filter plenum with side enclosures and retractable front curtain. This is a unique design to facilitate large pieces of equipment being brought into the booth with a forklift truck and then the curtain closed when they are painting.

Spray Booth 6mtr wide x 4mtr deep.


Hiremech is the leading forklift supplier for London and the South East. With a massive hire fleet, maintenance, servicing, and repairs are a huge part of their operation. Masterflo first supplied Hiremech with a spray booth in 2014. When the board of directors decided to move and upgrade the paint shop facilities to the building next door, Masterflo became the approved supplier again.

Following several meetings to discuss the new paint shop layout and required equipment, it was agreed to include 2 off preparation booths, 1 fully enclosed spray booth and a mastermix paint mixing room.

The final installation was a huge upgrade to the previous paint shop. This brought all the processes from preparation, paint mixing and paint spraying in line with the latest HSE legislation.

2 off 3.5mtr Preparation bays

1 off 3.5mtr x 5mtr Enclosed Spray Booth

1 off 2mtr x 3mtr Mastermix Paint Mixing Room

Aurigny Air Service

Aurigny, Guernsey’s airline, has a fleet of 7 aircraft serving the network: 1 x Embraer 195 twinjet, 4 x ATR 72 twin turboprops and 2 x Dornier 228 NG twin turboprops. All their aircraft are maintained at Guernsey Airport.

An occasional use spray booth was required for respraying panels and propellors in the maintenance hangar. They first approached Masterflo interested in our retractable spray booths because space was at a premium and paint spraying was not a full-time operation.

Due to the size of the repairs they were doing, it was decided that a SMARTRE-FLEX Retractable Booth would be a perfect solution.

6.85mtr long – 4.0mtr wide – 2.4mtr high and folds away to 1.8mtr


Crawfords is one of the UK’s leading ground transportation providers. With their own fleet of chauffeur-driven prestige cars and hire cars, they made the decision to bring all vehicle repairs in-house.

A new body shop was set up, and to complement their combi spray bake booth, they selected a SMARTRE-FLEX from Masterflo. This allows them to increase vehicle throughput, making this new venture a successful and profitable revenue stream.

This fold-a-way booth has huge advantages for any body shop, not just space, inc. wheel refurbishment, panels, aluminium repairs…

6.85mtr long – 4.0mtr wide – 2.4mtr high and folds away to 1.8mtr

TCR UK Group

TCR UK has been a world leader in Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for airports since 2001 in the UK. Masterflo supplied and installed a large MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Booth at Heathrow Airport in 2017 and in 2019 we were selected to supply and install the same specification booth for their new facility at Manchester Airport.

Painting, maintenance, and servicing of GSE is key to the successful and safe operation of aircraft in flight and on the ground. The high level of health and safety of this industry has to be reflected in the procedures and processes in their facility. Our track record of installing certified and fully compliant equipment was totally aligned with TCR UK’s expectations.

Select Plant Hire

Select Plant Hire required a spray booth to be able to repaint containers and cabins in a controlled environment. One of their concerns raised was how to manoeuvre cabins and containers into a conventional static booth.

They contacted Masterflo to discuss their situation and asked if we could suggest a solution that provided an answer to the access concerns they had and was in line with their budget.

Our MASTRE-FLEX Retractable System was the option that was mutually agreed on. With the flexibility of this system, it meant that getting a container in and out of the booth was no longer a problem. With the booth retracted, a container or cabin could be picked up by their container handling truck placed in front of the plenum, the booth simply pulled out and the doors closed. This would totally enclose the container and make it ready for painting.

A simple solution that has huge benefits.

Revive Franchise

Revive have franchisees covering the UK for mobile SMART repairs. All technicians are trained and achieve their qualifications when they attend the Revive training centre in Rugby. The training centre has two of Masterflo’s SMARTRE-FLEX Booths, so every trainee experiences the unique benefits and advantages that this system boasts.

Revive Sussex Coast decided to add value to their business and opened a SMART repair centre to complement their mobile service. This gave them the opportunity to expand the business and carry out larger repairs. Masterflo were asked to visit and advise on the new premises and look at the most efficient way of utilising the space. The outcome was to install two SMARTRE-FLEX Booths side by side one end of the workshop leaving the rest of the area for vehicle preparation and inspection.

Precision Machinery

PM Dubai is a large engineering company operating from several sites around Dubai. They had a particular requirement for a large spray booth that could be used intermittently. With space constraints, they looked at all the various options available and decided that it was a retractable booth they required.

Following their market research and looking at the different manufactures of retractable spray booths around the world they selected Masterflo and our MASTRE-FLEX system. The quality of our product and the excellent feed-back they received from other customers who have the same system installed was key to their decision-making process.

The owner of the company came to see our demonstration booth at our HQ in Reading, followed by us making a return visit to carry out a site survey and discuss the detail of the project.

The booth was shipped to Dubai and installed by a local team of engineers under the supervision of our own design engineer.

Booth dimensions 6mtr wide, 6mtr high and 16mtr fully extended Folded back to only 4.1mtr!!

Welfare Hire

Welfare Hire are the UK’s Leading hirer of mobile eco welfare units. They are part of the Kelling Group and have an outstanding reputation on first class, quality units, only delivering the best. In early 2018 the whole group moved into a brand-new facility to enable them to have a streamline operation all on one site.

In the early stages of planning the new facility they asked Masterflo to advise them of best practise procedures on refurbishing the mobile units on return. Preparation and re-painting are key to keeping the hire fleet looking great.

Masterflo were given the contract to design, manufacture and install 2no dry filter fully enclosed spray booths. The contract was successfully completed on time, and we have maintained a lasting relationship with the client.

Clarks Modular Buildings

Clarks Modular Buildings specialises in the Sale and Hire of Modular Buildings & Containers. Their large facilities enable them to build, store and refurbish in their own workshop in Cardiff. They invited Masterflo to visit the facility and discuss the options available to upgrade the paint shop, and provide a safe working environment for the painters.

The size of jobs painted at any one time is varied, but it was decided that to utilise the facility to produce maximum productivity.

4 Separate Dry Filter Walls were installed along the side wall to provide four separate preparation / painting bays.

Containers / cabins are moved into the paint shop through the front and positioned in the bay. They are then prepared and painted in the same position and after completion moved out the back of the shop.

Ferguson Marine

Ferguson Marine has 110 years of heritage with an exceptional reputation for ship building and marine fabrication. To complement their modern facilities they contacted Masterflo to see if we could provide them with an External Retractable Spray Booth to accommodate some of the large fabricated ship sections so they could be sprayed in a controlled and contained environment.

Our design team were put to the test to adapt our standard internal MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth concept to produce an external booth measuring 12mtr wide, 8mtr high & 20mtr long. Also this booth being installed outside had to be built to endure the harsh costal weather conditions.

The retractable modules ran on a heavy duty roller channel bolted to the ground to enable ease of movement and also provide an anchor to hold it down.

The Retractable Booth rolls back from 20mtrs to only 4.4mtr!

Louth Commercials

Louth Commercials have a large facility in Dublin carrying out mechanical and body repairs to coaches and buses. They invited Masterflo to visit their workshop to do a feasibility study on a new spray booth large enough to fit the largest vehicles they paint.

Due to the flexibility of the MASTRE-FLEX it was soon decided this was the best solution. It could be installed at the end of one of the workshop bays and pushed back out of the way when not in use, maximising the productivity of the workshop.

A Retractable Spray Booth 5.5mtr wide, 5mtr high & 19.5mtr long was installed. New LED lighting was fitted just above the booth to provide excellent lighting inside.

The booth retracts back to only 4.7mtr!

Dennis Eagle

Dennis Eagle Limited is a UK-based dustcart manufacturer that is owned by Terberg RosRoca Group, Europe’s largest refuse collection vehicle manufacturer and the second largest refuse collection vehicle manufacturer in the world. Masterflo were invited to a meeting to discuss alterations to be carried out in the rolling chassis assembly line, to see if we could provide a solution that would enable them to install an extra spray booth in the factory, for waxing.

Due to the space constraints and to keep the production LEAN, it was decided to supply and install a MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Booth. The reason for this was the only area available didn’t have the space around it to manoeuvre a truck into a fixed booth. The Retractable Booth made it possible to reverse a truck up to the plenum, and pull the booth around the truck, shutting the doors to enclose it.

Booth supplied was 10.75mtr long, 4mtr wide & 4mtr high and retracted back to only 2.5mtr!


ChipsAway Franchise in Chelmsford were looking for a Spray Booth to install in their newly acquired body shop. Having had to commit a large sum of money in taking on the unit, and the renovations required, the purchase of a spray booth was daunting.

Masterflo were called in to discuss the options of buying our Retractable SMARTRE-FLEX Booth, and we were able to offer piece of mind that we could supply and install on our 3 year lease package. Plus we were able to install the booth in the back corner of the body shop leaving the rest of the shop free for other vehicles being prepared.

The advantages for the Retractable System means that the booth can be installed in an area that convention booths can’t. With the booth folded back, you position the vehicle in front of it, then pull the booth around the vehicle.

The 6mtr Booth Retracts to 1.8mtr!

Sunseeker Luxury Yachts

Sunseeker International in Portland, instructed Masterflo to assist them bring some of the production procedures into line with current legislation. They required a designated area for paint preparation and paint spraying with the correct air flow and extraction with the option of being able fold it away when not in use.

The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth was the solution and we supplied 2 No. side-by-side to enable them to carry out both the preparation and painting.

Painting booth was a standard dry filter plenum

Preparation booth had a dust collector and vacuum system

Both retractable booths were 7mtr wide, 10.5mtr long & 3.5mtr high. When retracted they only take up 2.5mtr!

Fred Smith & Sons Trucks

Fred Smith and Sons (Motor Bodies) Limited was founded 75 years ago by the current directors’ great grandfather and grandfather, since then the company has evolved whilst still staying in the hands of the founding family. The Company has great experience in truck body building and truck repairs, and the fast growth and demand for more truck repairs they contacted Masterflo to help them with a needed solution to increase their productivity with the existing workshop space they had.

This was an opportunity for us to demonstrate the space saving advantages and flexibility of our MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth System. This meant that they could have a 20mtr long spray booth that retracted to 5.7mtr so when they aren’t spraying it can be folded away and the workshop area used for other tasks.

Masterflo supplied and installed a 20mtr long, 5mtr wide & 5mtr high Retractable Spray Booth installed in 1 week.

Voith Turbo

Voith is a global technology group. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Masterflo were invited to tender for the supply and installation of an enclosed Dry Filter Spray Booth and adjacent Drying Booth. This was to replace an existing Open Faced Water Wash Spray Booth.

The final design was a 5mtr wide, 4.5mtr deep & 3.0mtr high Spray Booth with By-Fold doors leading to a 3.5mtr wide 3.5mtr deep Drying Room. A crane slot in the roof to move painted product from the booth into the drying room. Large double doors to the front of both booths to enable forklift access.

Myrak Generators & Plant Sales

Formed in 1990, Myrak Limited is now firmly established as one of the leading, privately owned, new and used generators and plant sales companies in the United Kingdom. To complement their Generator & Plant service and refurbishment department they awarded Masterflo the contract to design, build and install a fully enclosed spray booth.

The Spray Booth supplied was a dry filter enclosed booth 5mtr wide, 4mtr high and 10mtr long powered by 2 x 3.0kW Belt Driven Axial Fans. Electrically operated roller shutter for access.

With this new facility they are now able to re-spray plant and machinery to the original manufactures specifications.

Conquip Engineering Group

Conquip Engineering Group, in Hampshire, are large manufactures of equipment for the construction industry. They initially contacted Masterflo to provide a solution to a painting challenge they had, when refurbishing the CantiDeck. This is a temporary loading platform that can extend from a building structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building. These platforms measure about 9mtrs x 4mtrs and are hired out to construction sites and refurbished and repainted when returned.

Masterflo looked at several different options of spray booth including our Retractable Systems but after our final site meeting it was decided to go for our unique top-loading dry filter booth. This booth had a 9mtr long extract plenum in a 11mtr x 6mtr x 3mtr enclosure with an open top to enable the CantiDeck to be craned into the booth and provide a designated spray area in a the fabricating factory. Booth is equipped with 3 off 4kW belt driven fans.

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