Every spray booth should have an LEV Test carried out every 14 months. 

You can line the inside of the Spray Booth with Peel-able Booth Coating or a peel-able sheet which enables protection of the walls of the Spray booth.

A Velometer measures the airspeed at specific points in the spray Booth where the probe is positioned.

It would depend on the frequency of usage of the Spray booth and the paint that you are using. However, fitting a simple device such as a manometer in the booth can give a visual indication of when the filters need changing.

No, as they aren’t a permanent structure.

Our booths are very low maintenance requiring only filter changes and tacky coating. This can be done easily in-house.

As a company, we don’t, but we work with a finance company that will contact you independently.

Yes, we can manufacture to your specific needs.

Yes, this will reduce your cost. We can give support remotely should you require it during your build.

Not as standard, they rely on the ambient lighting of the workshop, however, we can supply an LED lighting kit to enhance the ambient light.