Case Study - Chipsaway

ChipsAway Franchise in Chelmsford were looking for a Spray Booth to install in their newly acquired body shop. Having had to commit a large sum of money in taking on the unit, and the renovations required, the purchase of a spray booth was daunting.

Masterflo were called in to discuss the options of buying our Retractable SMARTRE-FLEX Booth, and we were able to offer piece of mind that we could supply and install on our 3 year lease package. Plus we were able to install the booth in the back corner of the body shop leaving the rest of the shop free for other vehicles being prepared.

The advantages for the Retractable System means that the booth can be installed in an area that convention booths can’t. With the booth folded back, you position the vehicle in front of it, then pull the booth around the vehicle.

The 6mtr Booth Retracts to 1.8mtr!

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