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The UK’s leading spray booth specialists.
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Water Wash Spray Booths


❯  Fully-welded, powder-coated and flanged tanks for an extended working life and excellent spray booth extraction.

❯  Large bore spray nozzles to reduce blockages and improve scrubbing action

❯  Large capacity water pumps allow continuous water flow

❯  ABS pipework eliminating corrosion

❯  A full-booth width pre-filter to stop contaminants from reaching the pump and nozzles

❯  Isolation valves to facilitate maintenance of the pump, spray bar and nozzles without needing to drain the tank

❯  A 1.6m high water curtain flowing down a stainless-steel screen


Masterflo Water Wash Spray Booths are a leading brand of extraction solutions for paint spraying. Our pump and nozzle-type water wash spray booths are manufactured to a modular design and supplied in kit form for easy assembly and installation. All components and work areas are constructed from strong, durable galvanised sheet materials resulting in quality spray booths that are both low maintenance and long-lasting.

Our team recommend a water wash spray booth over a dry filter spray booth for high-volume users because they offer reduced downtime and clean-up!

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