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Retractable Spray Booths

Guide Price: 3mtr W x 3mtr H x 6mtr D £470 per month inc installation.


❯  Bespoke built to any size

❯  Internal and external designs

❯  Each retractable module is 1950mm and retracts to only 300mm

❯  Strong steel powder-coated frames, built for the heavy industrial environment

❯  Durable nylon-reinforced flame-retardant translucent sheeting

❯  Huge space-saving solution

❯  Complies with HSE legislation


The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth has revolutionised the spray booth concept. This is the ideal solution for painting heavy or hard-to-manage items. The whole work area is folded away, the item to be sprayed is lifted into position, then the retractable spray booth is pulled around the item and it’s ready for painting. Options of enclosed with bi-fold doors or open-faced with dry filter or water wash booths.

Due to the modular design, MASTRE-FLEX retractable spray booths can be made to accommodate almost any item and fit any location. The spray booth has nylon-reinforced flame-retardant clear sheeting which allows excellent visibility.

These folding retractable spray booths are also the answer to ‘occasional- use’ situations, where they can be folded away leaving valuable floor space for other work processes.

We also offer a smaller version of this Retractable Spray Booth in the ROLARE-FLEX model.

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❯  MASTRE-FLEX Brochure

❯  PVC Spec

MASTRE-FLEX case studiess

Industrial spray paint clean booth install

Dennis Eagle

Dennis Eagle Limited is a UK-based dustcart manufacturer that is owned by Terberg RosRoca Group, Europe’s largest refuse collection vehicle manufacturer and the second largest

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