AVIATION Aircraft & Aerospace Spray Booths

Light aircraft, helicopters, and passenger airliners have very stringent maintenance programs and the paint repairs need to be carried out in a controlled environment.  In many of these situations, Masterflo’s retractable spray booths have been selected as the preferred option, due to their flexibility and the ease of enclosing large aerospace parts. We specialise in designing and installing spray booth systems that align with the budget and required specifications for each aviation application.

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Aircraft Paint Booth case studies

Retractable or fixed Spray Booth?

Masterflo-UK have extensive experience of fitting both fixed paint booth tents and retractable ones in aircraft maintenance hangers and aerospace support workshops.

Both types have the same extraction options and share many other features. Where an aviation company chooses the extendable/retracting booths, this is usually driven by either the need for multi-purpose space utilisation, or because it is better in their situation to pull the enclosure around the aircraft rather than have to maneuver the airframe into the booth.

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