Case Study - Motorclean

Motorclean is the UK’s leading integrated automotive services provider for the used car market. Tens of thousands of vehicles are prepared for the retail market every year (with every vehicle’s bodywork inspected and damages repaired), making this one of the largest SMART repair organisations.

When we developed our SMARTRE-FLEX < XTN > , the external SMART repair booth, they could see it was an opportunity for them to increase throughput and make the organisation more productive.

With limited space within their current buildings, Masterflo could offer them an unrivalled solution by utilising a comparatively small area of the acres of car parking and provide another two SMART repair bays.

One standard booth 6.8mtr x 4mtr x 2.4mtr

One commercial booth 8.8mtr x 4mtr x 3.4mtr

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