The UK’s leading spray booth specialists.
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The UK’s leading spray booth specialists.
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Industry Leaders In Spray Booth Manufacture

Providing bespoke paint spray booths to provide a premium finishing environment for automotive, industrial, rail, and aviation sectors – Masterflo

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British manufacturer of spray booths and equipment

25 Yrs 100x100

Over 25 years of expert experience

Spray Booth

Custom spray booths to suit your exact needs

Made in UK

British manufacturer of spraybooths and equipment

25 Yrs 100x100 1

Over 25 years of expert experience

Spray Booth

Custom spray booths to suit your exact needs

Specialists In Spray Booth Manufacture And Paint Spray Equipment

With over 25 years of experience, we are able to provide you with a spraybooth or finishing environment for all your spray painting needs.

For Every Industry


The Masterflo Spray Booth

Our superior quality spray booths are designed with your needs in mind to ensure they provide your team with increased productivity and maximise the paint, lacquer, or varnish finish quality of your work. 

By designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing with quality at the forefront across a variety of industries, we can ensure our spray booth systems provide consistent customer satisfaction, from rolling stock manufacturers to car body shops as well as full compliance with all health and safety legislation.

Every paint spray workshop and client has unique needs and challenges. From large industrial equipment coating to small paint spray booths for SMART auto-bodywork, quality design and engineering are hallmarks of our booths. By understanding your needs, we can produce a bespoke-made solution utilising our proven range of paint booth systems.

Industrial Spray Booths

Our range of commercial spray booths and equipment is suitable for a wide range of industries from automotive and marine to engineeringrail, and aerospace.

Our range of industrial spray booths includes retractable, mobile options, permanent installations, paint mixing rooms, indoor and outdoor spray booths, smart repair booths, and much more, as well as related paint spray equipment and accessories. 

As a leading UK spraybooth manufacturer, any individual design needs can be easily met with our bespoke solutions.

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Your Trusted Spray Shop Partner

Masterflo has vast experience from supplying the paint spraying and industrial coatings industries for many years. 

We are committed to working closely with our clients for their long-term success, providing them with proven, optimised spraybooth setups that protect their business, their staff and their environment. 

Learn more about partnering with Masterflo for your controlled-environment body shop prep and spray application areas on our about us page.

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