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    SMART Repair Equipment

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    SMART-WHEEL MASTERFLO have a range of alloy wheel booths, single, double, and bespoke systems. Highly efficient two-stage dry filter extraction. All UK manufactured to a modular design and supplied in kit form for easy assembly and installation. All components are constructed from strong, durable materials.

    SMART-CNR A unique space-saving corner extraction unit. This unit from MASTERFLO is very popular in small workshops or in designated SMART repair areas. Compact fixed unit with a powerful 0.55kW belt driven axial fan, efficient extraction rate of 1.05m3/s. Fitted with 2 stage filters SMART-CNR’s require ducting to atmosphere.

    SMART-DRY Quick paint drying and curing is essential to the demands of fast repairs. MASTERFLO stock a range of Infrared Dryers, 1kW, 2kW and 3kW. On stands or mobile, equipped with digital timers.

    SMART-BAY With years of experience in retractable spray booths, MASTERFLO also specialises in heavy-duty PVC screens and curtains. When looking to create a dust-free and enclosed environment, our made to measure curtain systems provide an ideal and cost-effective solution.

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