Aviation / Marine / Rail

Aircraft, Boat & Rail Spray Booths - UK Manufactured


Aviation – Aircraft & Aerospace Spray Booths

Light aircraft, helicopters, passenger airliners, have very stringent maintenance programs and the paint repairs need to be carried out in a controlled environment. In some of these situations MASTERFLO retractable spray booths have been selected as the preferred option, we have designed and installed spray booth systems that align with budget and required specifications.

Marine – Boat & Yacht Spray Booths

For MASTERFLO, the marine industry is another area of wide experience. Ship builders, luxury yacht builders, commercial and pleasure boat maintenance companies are among our long-lasting clients, who have taken advantage of our retractable systems. Installations inside workshops or outside on the quayside, we will always have a solution.

Rail – Train & Rolling Stock Spray Booths

The maintenance of rolling stock and other road rail vehicles is another area that MASTERFLO has be successful in providing unique solutions. Single panels that are removed from the trains painted in our retractable space saving booths in a busy rail shed environment, or using our portable units, bringing the booth to the train.

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